Immigration Law

The lawyers at our law firm provide comprehensive immigration assistance and offer a full range of immigration legal services. We have vast experience representing clients with various types of immigration cases. Our mission is to make the complex and confusing immigration process as easy as possible for you. We understand that immigration cases are more than just paperwork and navigating the courts. We know that immigration cases are about uniting families, realizing dreams and taking advantage of new opportunities. Our goal is to find a solution to your immigration problem. We welcome the opportunity to assist you in the following immigration related matters:

Reunite your family by getting your relative an immigration bond,

Reunite your family by getting your relative a Green Card if eligible,

Help you obtain valid work authorization in the United States,

Help you obtain protection in the United States via asylum,

Litigate matters in Immigration Court to assist you in defense of deportation,

Overcome refusals of admission by Immigration officials and help you obtain a waiver of inadmissibility,

Enable you to realize your dream of becoming a Lawful Permanent Resident and/or United States citizen,

Serve your business-related US immigration needs,

Assist you in other Immigration related services.

While past performance is no guarantee of future results, our law firm has a high success rate in the results obtained for previous clients. Our law firm has garnered a reputation of excellence and professionalism in the legal community. Our law firm has lawyers and legal assistants that speak English and Spanish in order to better assist you with your immigration case needs. It is important that you are being represented by experienced immigration lawyers that can obtain the best possible outcome in your case, and that will not permanently harm your immigration case. The experience and work ethic of the lawyers in our law firm can assist you in obtaining the best outcome in your case. Call our law firm today to schedule a consultation! 1-256-660-1540